Artificial Wall Frame Tubed

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The Portable Tube Flower Wall Frame is the perfect option for those seeking a simple solution to transporting and creating beautiful Flower Wall displays and backdrops. Again only taking minutes to setup the entire frame by simply connecting each tube piece as per the numbered ends on each pipe. The Flower Wall Panels can then simply be hooked, wired or cabled tied on to the frame structure.

It’s lightweight and durable aluminium construction makes carrying and transporting the frame an easy task. Similar to our Tension Fabric Backdrop stands the feature of our Flower Wall Backdrop Frame is having the ability to pack down down and fit everything inside a handy carry bag. It features a series of vertical bars that help with rigidity and allow the Flower Wall Panels to sit flatter on the frame.


  • 240cm x 240cm x 50cm – Assembled
  • 84cm x 28cm x 21cm –  Unassembled in bag